The sudden emergency of Coronavirus in March 2020 has been bad news for everyone. An international crisis that has gone to each corner of the globe and closed down workplaces and businesses up and down the country.

With millions of people  on lockdown, stuck indoors, restaurants, takeaways, butchers, fishmongers, sandwich shops and delicatessens are rushed off their feet are people as people place orders online.

UberEats, Just Eat, Deliveroo : The Big Online Tax

Takeaways are very busy indeed. They offer a big opportunity to help hungry customers stuck indoors to get food. Many takeaways sign up to multiple services like this.

The advantage of them is that they each have their own customer base – people who have downloaded the app or regularly go the website. You get the benefit of that ready made audience, and just have to nudge them to your restaurant or takeaway with the right food, and the right offers, and the right price.

However, you are ultimately just building a brand for these massive companies, rather than forwarding your own brand. You are BUILDING THEIR BRAND FOR THEM, RATHER THAN BUILDING YOUR OWN BRAND. That’s why the fees they charge are huge – that’s is really what you are paying for. Regular customers.

The best thing you can do is direct potential and regular customers to buy directly from you, via your own website. That way, you get to keep 100% of the profits, less whatever it costs you to deliver to your customers.

Delivery Service Rates for you Extra costs  Charge to your customers
Deliveroo around 30% admin £2.50 per order
Just Eat 14% (+VAT) and admin charge £699 up-front cost £0-4
Uber Eats capped at 30% admin £3.50 per order
Own Delivery Cost of delivery driver and their fuel wage / employment set by you

A Simple Website or Facebook Page Is Not Enough

Many companies have a very simple website, or just a Facebook page, which contains a little information on their company, and some contact details. In some cases, they publish their menu or list of products on the website, or FB page, and leave it at that.

This misses out on one of the main advantages of the internet – it should allow the customer to place an order for your food, make a payment, and set delivery time expectations (opening times, times), without ever having to speak to someone. This makes your life easier, as all you have to do is fulfill the orders.

In some cases customers would rather not speak to someone – they want to just press a few buttons on their phone, order their food, and wait for it to be delivered.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Once your website is built, that is not the end of your online process. You need to get customers to come to the site regularly..

You can do this by a number of means.

Putting delivery offers inside your takeaway food packs which drive customers to the website is an obvious way to get the attention of customers who already like your food – they have bought from you once, and they may do so again. Building a regular customer base is a big part of building a successful food delivery business – and wouldn’t you rather keep all of the profit from these customers, than have to pay 30% to Just Eat for each delivery.

You can drive traffic to the store using your Facebook page. Facebook is a huge potential traffic source during this time, as many people turn to social media for their news about local events and businesses. People actively want to support local businesses, and we can manage your social media for you, reaching customers locally in FB groups in your community, to get them to the website.

Paid Facebook ads also offer an excellent value for money way to reach closely targeted customers in your area.

In addition to this, we can also manage texts and push notifications to customers once you have their mobile telephone number, and they have signed up to receive a delivery (We can obviously also ensure that this is GDPR complaint).

SEO is another great way to reach customers. We can rank your website in the local pack, so that, for example, it appears for ‘Indian Takeaway stockport’, or ‘Chinese food altrincham’. It is local searches like these that are made hundreds of times each month, and with good SEO, you can reach those buying customers.

In Summary

If you want a functioning ecommerce site, and online marketing support, we can build a site for you, and drive traffic to it. It’s the best way to grow a food business.