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Social Media MarketingMy name is Abbas, and I’ve been doing SEO since 2012. It all began with an Amazon affiliates website, when I learned the foundations of SEO and effective content marketing.

Since then I’ve had 2.5 years in an agency environment, 6 months client side, and several years as an affiliate and freelancer. Working on big ecommerce sites, client sites for insurance firms, architects, drainage companies, and many more.

This means I’m comfortable with the culture of both digital agencies, and business clients. That includes the demands when it comes to reporting, transparency and clarity, both for colleagues and clients. You need someone who can be a good compliment to your team, connect with your organisation seamlessly, and with the minimum of fuss, and the maximum of professionalism, quality and results.

My SEO Skill Set & What I Can Do For You

Strategy / Campaign Management

The foundation of any SEO campaign is setting up an effective strategy, with KPIs, and a clear big picture of the activity required to make it happen. I have a strong concept of what is required to set up and to monitor and SEO campaign, from content planning to link building, to technical SEO, to making recommendations to develops and designers to change a site.

This includes reporting, using Office, and using the relevant tools such as Google Analytics and rank tracking software, and backlink crawlers like Ahrefs. I can also project manage / monitor SEO improvements, like rich snippets, the building of microsites, brand / collections pages, etc.

There is also a account management aspect to this, and of course, I am comfortable conveying this to both clients and colleagues.

Technical SEO

The way I was taught SEO is that it is comprised of a three part structure: Technical – On Page – Off Page (See Opposite). The Technical SEO is the foundations of the house, on which everything else is built.

I have a rich understanding of what constitutes good technical structure, covering everything sitemaps to robots files, HTAccess, etc., as well as hosting (Including CDNs), server speed, structured data / schema, mobile responsiveness, and much more. Going under the dashboard and looking at your Search Console, back end admin, Cpanel and code can yield a lot of wins. I approach all technical tasks and issues with a view to looking for improvements and opportunities.

On-page optimization

On page is a place where relatively straightforward work done by an SEO can yield quick improvements.. I look at everything including key SEO metatags (canonicals, noindex, no follow, hreflang), internal linking, metadata (titles and descriptions, particularly with a view to click through rates), word count, keyword density, heading tags, URL structure, HTML sitemaps, breadcrumb trails, image optimization (titles, alt tags, etc), video optimization (subtitles, etc), and more.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research should be conducted thoroughly and take in a 360 approach, looking at all the opportunities, user intent, competition, search volumes, and also things like featured snippets, the map pack, languages / territories, and voice search. I can conduct thorough research, picking up new and esoteric subjects quickly and developing targets for you to focus on. I’ve used SERPBook, AWRCloud, ProRankTracker and SEMRush, to manage and effectively track these lists.

Content & Copy

Great content is the thing that brings in readers to a website, and there are many aspects to this. I love engaging with content, and writing effective copy, and I think about it from all angles, both technical and creative.

I look to ensure that the content attacks relevant keywords in a systematic way – for example, an ecommerce site should have content rich pages dedicated to each brand, featuring written content, optimized images, and, in some cases, video, to attract Google rankings.

FAQs pages are a good way to appear in featured Q&A snippets, and improving these is always a good method, as it speaks to Google’s E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) ranking factors. Thorough Help sections and Terms and Conditions pages are also key ‘Your Money Or Your Life’ pages, which Google also encourages.

Blogging can often be either under-used or mistreated with thin, poor quality content. I focus on correctly leveraging this with a Content Plan, and a focus on relationship building / outreach, to maximise the value of it and cross-pollinate audiences with complimentary services and organisations. Due to my many years as a journalist, I can come up with highly creative and original content ideas, of the type that stand out from the cookie-cutter ‘How To’ and ‘Buyers Guide’ approach, which, while essential for SEO traffic, can become repetitive.

Link building / Outreach

Link building is fundamental to ranking a website, and one of the most challenging aspects, as it can involve third parties outside direct control. I’ve been building links since 2012, and there’s not much I don’t know about it.I have my own idea of what works, utilising the directory links that are a good good foundation, to social links and PR sites for quick wins.

I’m also confident with approaching news / magazine sites and bloggers with more creative approaches and original content ideas. The latter comes naturally to me, given my former background as an entertainment journalist. I’m not afraid of picking up the phone and talking to people.

Relationship building and reciprocal partnerships are key here, and can be leveraged as part of a wider exchange, such as appearing in each other’s mailing lists, for example. I’m always looking  about the marketing process holistically and looking for these additional methods to add value for a client.

Local SEO

Local SEO optimization is vital for local businesses, and for national organisations with bricks and mortal locations around the country. Appearing in the ‘Map Pack’ involves more than just registering with Google My Business. Adding directory links, embedding maps, geotagging images, adding Google My Business posts, these can all boost your rankings in the vital local search space. The volumes can be small here, but the user intent to buy is strong, so it’s vital to have a presence. If you’re an account, plumber, or a big ecom site, this is a place you need to consider when paying for SEO – and I can help.

Site Audits

I can do a mean Site Audit! I have participated in massive 100+ page site audits for organisations like the London Camera Exchange, putting on all types of hats from SEO to retail, to Mobile to get it done. I’m not afraid of attacking a big site and going granular with detailed information. Equally, if you want a focussed 10 to 30 page audit which focuses on delivering key insights with an action plan, then I can definitely do this for your organisation. You learn more about my site audit process here.

Routine SEO Tasks

A lot of SEO is made up of bread and butter tasks like interlinking, reviewing Search Console to disavow backlinks and submit the sitemap, updating rank tracking data, updating Analytics reporting, etc. You may want to someone to go in and add some additional copy to key pages, blending in long tail phrases into copy, optimize images, build a few directory links, and optimize the meta data on key landing pages. It’s all in a day’s work, and small jobs like these can yield big results.

Site Migrations

If your website, or your client site is facing a migration, I can provide the expertise to ensure the transition is a smooth one. Adding an SSL, going responsive, changing CMS / ecom platform, a redesign, these are the scenarios where an SEO migration plan is essential, to ensure a smooth transition, and no drop offs in traffic. Working closely with development team, account management, project management, and other teams is essential to such a transition, and I have experience of this, and the organisation involved. Executed correctly, migrations can increase your traffic.

Penalty Recovery / Update Recover / Traffic Recovery

Google updates, hacked sites, and other issues can cause a fall in traffic to your site. That’s where a good SEO can repair the damage. I can review your site in light of Google updates which occur at regular intervals each year,  review and disavow site links to clean up spammy links, and review your site’s security in scenarios where it may have been hacked.

SEO Coaching

Do you have a staff on your in house team or agency that could do with some pointers on how to develop their SEO knowledge? Mentoring junior is something have experience of, and if you want someone to come in and conduct training for a day, or nurture staff more consistently with more advice and knowledge, then I am able to oblige.

Client Reporting

The work we do as SEOs all ends in client reporting. If you are an agency, I can produce rich and detailed reporting using powerpoint slides, spreadsheets, and word documents. I’m also happy to call your clients on the phone or via Skype, as well as meet in person.

Equally, if you are a business owner or in house corporate professional in need of communication to others in the management structure, I am comfortable providing this as required.

To discuss your SEO needs further, get in touch today via the contact form, or on info@digital-mastery.co.uk